Get Rayman Origins for free next week on PC

Ubisoft’s 30th anniversary year continues with its next free Uplay release being the hit platformer Rayman Origins. Ubisoft’s Ubi 30 which is in celebration of the company’s 30 year anniversary (you never would have guessed) has been ongoing since June this year. Every month Ubisoft has given away a free game on Uplay.

The free games continue until the end of the year and have so far included Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and the original Splinter Cell. Splinter Cell is still available until next Wednesday, the 17th, before it switches over to Rayman Origins.

Rayman Origins is the fourth game in the main series and one of the most acclaimed, succeded only by its 2013 sequel Rayman Legends. Origins was higly praised for its platforming and its art style, which continued through to Legends.

The current free game can be accessed over at Ubisoft’s website and clicking on the “Get the Game Now” button.