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Gran Turismo Sport Delayed Until 2017 – But I’m Not Surprised

Gran Turismo Sport, the “stop gap” before GT7 finally (if ever) shows its face, has been delayed until 2017, it was announced yesterday on the PlayStation Blog.

It’s a disappointing, but not entirely surprising announcement. Gran Turismo 6 released on PS3 back in December 2013 – a surprising move from Sony and developers Polyphony, considering it was a month after the PS4 came out. We all expected a later release on PS4, but it never came. Three years later, we’re still waiting for PS4’s flagship racing simulator.

It seems that Sony doesn’t have much interest in racing games these days. Whilst Microsoft have already released two main Forza titles on Xbox One and are about to release the console’s second more arcade-y spin-off, Forza Horizon 3, just what have Sony done? Twiddle their thumbs, it would seem. We saw another first party racing sim, Driveclub, spawn back in 2014 after a trainwreck of a launch, and whilst it was a quality title, Sony decided to close development team Evolution Studios, quelling any hope of a franchise or a sequel.

So, Sony, what’s your game? Racing sims sell – and Gran Turismo has been one of Sony’s biggest franchises since the days of the PlayStation One. (Ah, remember original Gran Turismo? How realistic those blocky graphics looked back in ’97? And how you couldn’t actually imagine them ever getting any better than that? Good times.) Perhaps they’re biding their time until PS4 “Neo” is released and the game can harness more power? Or maybe they want to wait until PSVR is out so can focus more on VR elements? Either way, it’s yet more time to pass without PlayStation having a flagship racer.

GT Sport 2

From what has been shown off of Gran Turismo Sport, it doesn’t look like much of an upgrade since the PS3’s Gran Turismo 6 (besides the obvious graphical upgrades the PS4 allows for) – despite Sony’s claims of this being their most “ambitious undertaking”. And it’s certainly not a contender for a mainline entry into the series; Sport is unabashedly watered down of single player features, aimed primarily (if not solely) at competitive gamers and not really made with the casual home player in mind.

A new release date has not yet been set for Gran Turismo Sport, with just “2017” being cited. I expect we’ll not hear anything until at least Spring however. Who knows when, if ever, we’ll see Gran Turismo 7. Sorry PlayStation owners; if you’re a fan of racing sims, it seems you’re down on your luck.

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