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GTA 5 Now Lets You Create Your Own Death-Defying Stunt Races

A couple of weeks ago, Rockstar announced the Cunning Stunts DLC for Grand Theft Auto V/GTA Online. Apparently being able to simply do crazy, death-defying stunts in a range of vehicles wasn’t quite enough; now you can design your own stunt races with the addition of the brand new Stunt Race Creator.

The Stunt Race Creator tools allows you to create your own daring stunt courses using a variety of tools, and upload them to share with fellow players. You can also download user-created tracks.

The tools at your disposal in the Creator have been newly designed and fine-tuned to allow for quick and easy building. There are over 250 assets to use, including giant bowling pins, footballs, flaming rings and speed boosts, in order to craft the ultimate stunt track.

Alongside the Stunt Race Creator, GTA Online also sees the addition of Entourage, a new game mode that requires you to work tactically in a team to transport the “Target” to a designated point on the map.

Check out the official trailer for the Stunt Race Creator below:

For more information about Stunt Race Creator and Entourage, visit the official Rockstar site.

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