Gwent’s Closed Beta is now coming October 25th

The spinoff of The Witcher 3’s wonderful card game Gwent was originally supposed to be arriving sometime in September. CD Projekt Red have today announced that it will be delayed until late October.

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game‘s initial closed beta will be available for selected players on PC and Xbox One. The full game will also be available for PS4 but do not have access to the closed beta which, if you haven’t already, can be signed up to here.

The GWENT team said that while they know how annoying delays can be “delivering a good game is more important to us than keeping a deadline” and that “we know we can make a first impression only once, and want to be sure everything is ready before we blast off.”


Gwent will be an expanded version of the minigame found within The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It will offer expanded abilities, more cards along with improved artwork and UI. The only drawback being the Nilfgaard faction – which was one of the base decks in The Witcher 3 – will not be available at launch, but soon after. Gwent will however include the Northern Realms, Scoia’tael and Monster decks as well as the Skellige faction which appeared in the absolutely marvelous Blood and Wine expansion earlier this year.