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Land It! Review

I’m not sure about you guys, but I am continuously on the lookout for new titles to pass 10 to 15 minutes of down time.

I could reach for my phone and play Candy Crush, but I already have my Xbox One controller in my hand. Land It! fills the void perfectly.

Land It! will have you in the hot seat of an air traffic controller, who’s been tasked with the incredibly intricate job of landing multiple aircraft at the same time, avoiding deadly collisions and ensuring planes are headed off in the right direction when taking off. Honestly, it is not as simple as it sounds.

If you ever played Flight Control you’ll know what to expect. Released initially in early 2009, Flight Control was a smash hit on iOS and was later released for Wii, Nintendo DS, Android, and Windows Phone 7. A simple concept, yet incredibly hard to master, Flight Control received positive reviews across the board. Now, in 2016, Nemesys Games are setting their sights on achieving similar success with Land It!.

When a developer includes a proper tutorial and introduces a steady learning curve right from the start, they gain my approval. After all, no one really enjoys being thrown into a game with no idea what to do or how to achieve goals. You start by controlling just one plane, navigating it through a series of hoops and avoiding “No Fly” zones. Progress through the initial stages and you’ll soon be juggling more and more planes, ensuring clear flight paths and attempting to stay 10 steps ahead of the game.

Land It 2

To make your life easier (or harder), you’ll need to be prepared to switch between planes on the fly (pun intended) using the right thumb stick. Using the right thumb stick to flick from one plane to another and using the left to direct each planes flight path, you’ll need good hand-eye coordination to get the highest score possible. When you’ve completed the level, you’ll be given a summary including a time bonus, mission score and overall score along with a ranking out of three gold stars.

This was, if I am completely honest, the only real issue I found with Land It!. Unlike its predecessor, Flight Control, which was designed for touch controls, Land It! relies totally on the controller and this can become little frustrating and fiddly. I couldn’t tell you how many times I accidently selected the wrong plane, set a flight path and wondered why I was hearing the crash of another plane elsewhere on the map. Yup, I wasn’t controlling the plane I had aimed for.

Stay with the game and you’ll begin to unlock the Endless mode which comes with the inclusion of leaderboards. This adds to the replayability tremendously. You’ll be revisiting levels over and over again to try and improve your score and gain that third and final gold star!

Land It! is bold, bright and charismatic. The graphics match its personality perfectly. As you’d expect from any time management game like this, the top down view is the only way to go, and of course, it works as it should. Land It! doesn’t need the best graphics, or the most complex game mechanics, achievements or massive multiplayer modes. Instead Nemesys Games have concentrated on making the gameplay as intense as possible ensuring players are drawn into the frantic world of an air traffic controller.

Land It 3

There isn’t too much that can be said regarding the sound effects within the game. It does what you’d expect. The ambient background music keeps you relaxed whilst picking up the pace and tone when things begin to get a little tricky. The sound effects themselves again are simple, yet nothing more than this is required. You’ll soon know when a plane is off course or God forbid, just crashed probably killing all passengers on board. Overall the sound track and effects don’t massively add to the whole experience, yet they don’t detract from it either.

Land It! is going to give you a solid 10-12 hours game time in the career mode and then endless hours of challenging gameplay in the Endless mode. For £11.99/$13.99, that’s a lot of game to be getting on with. As I opened with, Land It! is the perfect title to keep you busy whilst installing something a little meatier, or even just whilst waiting for your kettle to boil.

Land It! is available on Xbox One.

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