Mafia 3’s World of New Bordeaux looks impressive

Mafia 3 has gotten slightly washed away in the tide of hype for many other games this year. If you haven’t been keeping yourself up to date on Mafia 3’s marketing so far let me update you: it is damn good. The marketing that is. From showing the brutal background of protagonist Lincoln Clay to the dark and gothic underbelly of New Bordeaux (thats Mafia for New Orleans) trailers so far have looked promising.

The newest set of trailers is The World of New Bordeaux which continues to show that dark underbelly I was talking about. In the first installment we get to see the various districts of Mafia 3’s glamorous and gloomy world. From the properous – and possibly KKK-riddled – Frisco Fields to the “beautiful; serene even” Bayou Fantom with its vicous secrets every district has its own personality and its own dark secrets.

Mafia 3 takes place in 1968, revolving around orphan and Vietnam war veteran Lincoln Clay. While still being an action sandbox that you can live out all your 60’s fantasies in – like shooting down swarms of Mafia and KKK members – Mafia 3 is looking to have a more serious take on issues that were prevelent back then – and unfortunately still are. In a time with both anti-war sentiments and racial tension (1968 was the year Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated) the era was strife with differing opinions.


Whether Mafia 3’s so far spectacular presentation can continue through to the game is another question. And whether that presentation can tell the story of Lincoln Clay and New Bordeaux thoughtfully rather than flaunt it for controversy is yet to be seen.

The first of The World of New Bordeaux trailers can be viewed below. And what 60’s trailer wouldn’t be complete without some Creedence Clearwater Revival?