Meet Overwatch’s New Map, Eichenwalde

Push ze Payload.

Over at Gamescom, Overwatch’s next map has been revealed. Eichenwalde is an assault/escort hybrid map set in an abandoned village on the outskirts of Stuttgart, Germany.


Eichenwalde’s description reads,

“The site of one of the most famous battles during the Omnic Crisis, it was here that the leader of the Crusaders, Balderich von Alder, and a handful of his best soldiers made a last stand against an advancing automaton army. Outnumbered and outgunned, they were ultimately slain during the resulting combat. However, thanks to their valiant efforts, the German military was able to push back the omnic offensive and win the fight.”

The ‘escort’ part involves you and your team pushing a battering ram/payload to the castle. Once you’ve smashed your way in, you’ll then have to “Capture the objective!” and reclaim Balderich’s remains which lie slumped on his magnificent throne.

Blizzard haven’t released anymore details, but they’ve said it’s ‘coming soon’…probably just in time for Season 2 of competitive mode we reckon.