Netflix’s Stranger Things Imagined as an 8-bit game

Stranger Things 1

Artist Matheus Bitencourt has reimagined the hit Netflix original Stranger Things as an 8-bit video game. The TV show is an 1980s-set homage to the likes of John Carpenter, Steven Spielberg and Stephen King and this pixelated version is certainly era-appropriate.

Sharing his impressive work on Tumblr, Bitencourt has created a piece of fan art that has even caught the attention of the shows creators, The Duffer Brothers. An a recent interview, the brothers have stated that they would love to see a video game bridge the game between the first and second seasons should a follow-up season be commissioned. It’s clear that the brothers must be video game fans, especially due to the boom in popularity that video games experienced during the 1980’s.

In Bitencourt’s art, the characters that fans are already firmly familair with are depicted in their non-HD goodness. The artist – like quite a few of us – seems to have a soft spot for Dustin in particular. Bitencourt’s work can be found on his personal Tumblr here. It seems that he is enjoying his fan-art version of Stranger Things doesn’t plan of stopping yet.


Stranger Things 2

A user named ToonDoom has gone one step further in the world of Stranger Things fan-art by posting a video on YouTube with their own version of an 8-bit version of the show. The video is an animated realisation of the hit show in the vein of coin-operated machines that would have been sitting in gaming decades during the eighties. It looks pretty, pretty cool. It’s clear that Stranger Things has completely nailed the aesthetic of the decade and its inspiration to fans shows this.

Stranger Things is currently streaming on Netflix as an original series now.

Artwork copyright Matheus Bitencourt @ Tumblr