No Man’s Sky developers hire QA team to work on future patches

No Man's Sky

Hello Games have hired a substantial QA team to work on the console version of No Man’s Sky. The QA team will work alongside the developors to assure a smooth, bug-free experience for PS4 users of the game.

Earlier in the week, we reported that Hello Games potentially rushed the development of their space simulation game in order to meet the gold disc stage and prepare it for release earlier this week. Well, the hiring of a quality assurance team doesn’t exactly corroborate this, but it does mean that Hello Games are serious about solidifying an exemplary gameplay experience in No Man’s Sky. 

The team that Hello Games have taken on board is coincidentally actually bigger than the dev team that worked on the game in the first place. Like any QA team, they will work under the prerogative of Sean Murray and his team and aim to iron out the creases of the game.

No Man’s Sky – like any ambitious game of enormous scope – has not launched without its problems. The size of the game has unfortunately allowed for clipping issues, lacklustre texture mapping and occasional, yet game-breaking crashes. Brett Phipps of TrustedReviews has noted that these frequent crashes are incredibly frustrating as it often wipes player progress up to the point of the crash. The game also suffers from frame-rate drops at times, which many players know can dramatically affect the overall enjoyment of any game.

It seems that the team with work under a dedicated manager and start work on the game from August 15. One thing they will most likely be working on straight away is fixing a glitch regarding a pre-order bonus ship. Players have encountered that the bonus ship arrives with a hyperdrive already installed, thus the player will not be able to craft one themselves and be stuck on one planet.

Players of the game are likely to see another patch in the coming months.