PS+ Games for September includes Journey

Another month, another set of people complaining about Playstation Plus games. Except possibly next month, where whether you agree or not that PS+ Games are worth it is looking to be absolutely great. Headlining for Playstation 4 includes the magnificent Journey as well as the souls-like Lords of the Fallen.

Playstation 4 users with a Playstation Plus membership can also look forward to Badland, a rather charming little sidescroller with a beautiful art style. Playstation 3 members also get access to Journey and Badland as well as Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands and Datura. To this day, The Forgotten Sands marks the last Prince of Persia game we have had. Datura on the other hand is an interactive mystery game developed for the Playstation Move – although if you don’t own can be played with a controller.

Playstation Vita users get to play Amnesia: Memories, a very well received visual novel with a female protagonist. And while those sound interesting, most people will be here for the two big releases of next month; Journey and Lords of the Fallen. While I’m sure most people have heard of Journey by now, if you don’t know the game takes place with you alone in a desert, where you must explore and and make well… a Journey. The less known the better, just know that it boasts a beautiful art style, a wonderful soundtrack and is one of the most acclaimed games in years.

Lords of the Fallen on the other hand isn’t perfect but still definitely worth a shot. Inspired quite heavily by the Dark Souls series, you play as Harkyn where you are looking for redemption and are sent out to destroy a powerful God’s demonic forces.