ReCore gets a Gamescom Gameplay Trailer

It’s Gamescom time folks! You know what that means: lots and lots of trailers. One of the first up today is a short minute-long gameplay demo of Xbox’s upcoming ReCore. I say Xbox but thanks to Microsoft’s pushing of Windows 10 and the Windows 10 store ReCore will also be coming to PC.

ReCore is an action platformer from Comcept and Armature Studios. You may remember Comcept and Comcept head, Keiji Inafune, from earlier this year with the slightly panned Mighty No. 9. ReCore does however look to be more promising. It’s E3 trailer from earlier this year was especially good. It showed off lead character Joule and her entourage of robots including the highly-marketed dog Mack as well as Seth and Duncan.

Today’s trailer isn’t as ostentatious, but rather simply shows off some platforming and combat. It may not be the most impressive thing to release over the next few days but it must be remembered that ReCore is not a AAA title and is releasing for £30/$40 on 13 September.