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Thousands of Amiga Games Now Available For Free In Your Browser

Have you ever heard of Archive.org, or the Internet Wayback Machine? Well, you’ve been missing out. A service that’s been running for years, the Internet Archive captures screenshots from across the net to create a timeline of how websites used to look. Check out Google back in 1998… or GameSpew just last year!

To further its history of modern technology however, Archive.org has also been busy preserving many video games from across the decades. Joining a collection of classic PC games and a Sega Genesis collection (amongst many others), there’s now a massive library of Amiga games free to play for anyone with access to the Internet.

9,311 titles to be exact. Yup, if you played it in your childhood, chances are you’re going to find it here. Get ready for a nostalgic overload.

Our top picks include the famous and timeless Bubble Bobble, Double Dragon, Wizball, Dizzy and Arkanoid.

To my joy, you can also play Postman Pat… when I was five years old, that was the best game ever created. Fact. Ahem.

It’s worth noting that Gizmodo have reported some of the titles to be somewhat glitchy, but for a free trip down memory lane, we can’t be too fussy.

Take a look at what the archive has to offer, and uncover some long-forgotten gems from your past. What were your favourite Amiga games that you can now relive? Let us know in the comments below!

Check out the full library of Amiga games here.
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