Zelda-Themed Christmas Sweaters in September? Oh my!

It’s true folks, September is almost upon us and you know what that means: Christmas is only 4 months away. 115 days away from sleigh bells and Santa. Less than 3,000 hours from cookies and milk and most importantly presents! I mean, erm…spending time with your families and bundling up in your warmest clothes to shield yourself from the cold weather. What better way to celebrate the approach of Christmas than by pre-ordering your nerdy Christmas sweaters.

Merchoid, known for its huge variety of nerdy merchandise has officially announced their first line of nerdy sweaters that are The Legend of Zelda themed! These adorable knitted sweaters are based on the original 8-bit Zelda games and feature two different colors, blue and green. These stylish sweaters are available for pre-order for $54.99 and its equivalents.

Merchoid’s Community Manager, Jessica Adams says “You won’t find Breath of the Wild under your Deku tree this year, but you can still have Happy Hyrule-idays with our Zelda Christmas Sweaters. Our sweaters are actually knitted too, which means they’ll keep you warm through Winter until the new game launches next year. Our advice is put on a sweater, settle down and play through some classic Zelda games in preparation.”


The sweaters that are named “The Legend of Santa” and “A Link to Christmas Past” are 100% knitted and range from sizes small to XXL and are unisex. The sweaters are set to Ship November 10th. Sweaters are limited so order quickly if you’re interested on Merchoid.com!