4K Netflix Content Incoming for PS4 Pro

Another announcement from the Sony conference held in New York City tonight was the 600+ hours of 4k content that will be available on Netflix via the PS4 Pro.

It’s not currently possible to stream in 4K on your standard PS4, so it offers another reason for you to upgrade your hardware and take the plunge with a brand new, probably enormous, 4K TV. Connect that to your new, £349/$399 PS4 Pro and watch all your favourite Netflix shows like Narcos and Marvel’s upcoming Luke Cage in unbelievably high-definition.

It’s not clear at this point whether the PS4 Pro will actually play standard 4K BluRay discs, so this could be the best way to get your 4K content.


It’s not only Netflix, YouTube will also be launching a new app to showcase 4K footage.

Those of you with the standard PS4 needn’t fear, either, as these improvements will offer richer colours for your viewing pleasure, too. Will this cost extra? That’s one of the many things Sony chose to leave out of this conference, so we’ll have to wait and see.