Esper: The Collection is now available on Oculus Rift and Gear VR

VR fans and Rift Owners, take note! Coatsink have today released Esper: The Collection on Oculus Rift and Gear VR. The Collection contains Esper and Esper 2 – and current owners of Esper 2 will get its prequel for free.

Whilst Esper has previously only been available on Gear VR, Esper 2 launched on Oculus Rift back in March. Finally, Rift owners can enjoy the sequel as part of Esper: The Collection – and if you’ve previously purchased Esper 2, your purchase will be upgraded to The Collection, meaning you’ll now own Esper for free.

For those not familiar with the games, Esper is a first-person adventure set in 1970’s Britain. Some members of the public have suddenly started displaying unexplained abilities such as telekinesis. In a rush of panic, the government orders that citizens undergo a series of aptitude tests to see if they’re a threat to public safety – and it’s up to you and your powers to convince them that you’re not.


Esper 2 follows on from where its predecessor left off. Unlike Esper, which is set entirely in a laboratory, Esper 2 takes you across the globe. And most notably, it contains a pretty impressive cast of British talent, include Nick Frost (of Sean of the Dead fame), Sean Pertwee and Lara Pulver.

Esper: The Collection is available to purchase for a very reasonble £10.99, but act fast and for the next seven days following launch, you’ll get a 33% on the Oculus Rift store, and 50% discount on Gear VR.