Firewatch to become a feature film

Firewatch, which was recently released on Xbox One and released on PC and PS4 earlier this year, will be getting a movie adaption. The deal was agreed upon by developer Campo Santo with Good Universe, the production company behind the U.S. version of Oldboy and 2014’s Neighbors.

Firewatch tells the story of Henry, who attempts to escape his troubled life at home by becoming a fire-lookout soon after the infamous Yellowstone fires of 1988. While in the wilderness he keeps in touch with another lookout named Delilah as they investigate mysterious goings-on. As much a mystery as it is a “coming of middle-age” story the game’s story and art-style were praised on release.

One of our resident reviewers gave the game an 8/10, praising the concept, visuals and writing but was dissapointed with its conclusion while Tom Willis called it the “perfect summer game“.


Game-to-movie adaptions have hardly ever done well – rarely even reaching the production stage – but Firewatch seems as though it could be different. It will be interesting to see if and how the first-person perspective is carried over, how the dialogue choices are implemented and, most importantly, how the visuals are affected. Whatever your opinion on Campo Santo’s adventure, most can agree that it’s striking visuals were a particular highlight.