Get Tropico 4 for free over at the Humble Store

You can pick up a free PC copy of dictator management simulator Tropico 4 over on the Humble Bundle store right now. The deal is available until Saturday, September 10. While the simulation game did originally release back in 2011 and has since received a sequel it is free, so why not?

You do need a Humble Store account along with a Steam account to link to if you want to receive the game. In Tropico 4 you rule over a Banana Republic as El Presidente. The numerous DLC packs as well as expansion Modern Times is not included in the deal.

The Humble Store is currently doing their End of Summer Sale where you can pick up some great games for cheap – while giving money to charity. Two Humble Bundle’s are also available; the “Gamemaker Bundle” and the “Sierra Bundle”. The Gamemaker Bundle includes numerous tools for the aspiring developer including Gamemaker: Studio Pro and the HTML5 Module. The Sierra Bundle includes many famous old adventure games from Sierra Interactive such as the RPG, Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura, Phantasmagoria 1 & 2 and the King’s Quest Collection.


You can pick up your free copy of Tropico 4 over at the Humble Store website.