Hello Neighbor’s AI learns your every tactic in new stealth game

Ever been disappointed by various stealth games’ AI? Do you wish it learned your every move and analysed the best way to use your own tactic’s against you? This is the premise of Dynamic Pixels’ new stealth game Hello Neighbor.

In Hello Neighbor you play as a new resident to a town with a rather odd man living in it; your neighbour. The mysterious man has nailed up one of the door’s in his house and you, obviously, want to know what’s inside. To get to the door, you must get past your neighbour but he is smart and learn’s from everything you do. If your neighbour ever catches you, you lose all the items on your possession but the progress you have made retains.

It’s an incredibly intriguing premise and one, if done right, could be amazingly fun. So far, it seems the only goal is to reach your neighbour’s basement and if so, must mean it is incredibly difficult thanks to the AI implementation. The fact your progress is never reset only encourages this.

If the AI is done right, Hello Neighbor could be something very special indeed. The very tense trailer can be seen below and you can visit the game’s website to learn more and sign up to the alpha.