New Mafia 3 trailer focuses on weaponry

A brand new trailer for Mafia 3 has been released and it may be the most violent yet. For a good reason, too.

The recent trailer showcases the many weapons available in the game and the ways in which they’re used as tools of violence and revenge.Mafia 3 seems to be looking every more brutal with each gameplay reveal, story trailer and the assorted details divulged by its developer, Hanger 13. We knew from the outset that the game was going to be a fully-fledged revenge epic set against the filth, heat and music of a semi-fictional New Orleans – or New Bordeaux – the games moniker for it. The team have acknowledge Orleans vast influence on their own city, but the creative license of not actually trying to recreate the real-life city has allowed them to experiment with the very best bits of the city and include areas of their own.

As the new trailer shows, it’s not a city that will stay quiet for very long. Not with the protagonist, Lincoln Clay, around. As the trailer states, Lincoln is a seriously pissed-off ex-Vietnam vet who vows revenge against the Italian mob for their murder of his own adopted friends and family. He is a trained killer, a firearms and combat knife specialist and has no qualms about using that experience on the soul kitchen streets of New Bordeaux.


Some examples of the brutal assortment of weaponry – Lincoln’s “precision instruments of death” – seen in the video includes: light and heavy machine guns, shotguns, 44. magnums, IED’s and sniper rifles. Two of Clay’s underbosses, Cassandra and Burke. Some weapons can also be used for brutal executions. Some clip in the trailer has Clay gunning down a whole KKK rally, exerting some liberal anti-facism in the form of hollow point ammunition. Yikes.

Mafia 3 is out on October 7 on PS4, Xbox One, PC and OS X.