No Man’s Sky Nosedives in Price

Hello Games’ ambitious, space-exploration game No Man’s Sky takes another turn for the worse, as online retailer Amazon drops the starting price, exclusively for the PS4 platform. UK customers are now able to purchase a copy of No Man’s Sky on the PS4 for only £24.85, a rather spectacular drop from its original release pricing of £46.

GAME, the Playstation Store and Steam continue to sell No Man’s Sky at full price, but for how long is as yet unsure.

Prior to its release, No Man’s Sky grabbed a lot of attention for its innovative gameplay system that uses an algorithm to generate a whole galaxy of possibilities, boasting a supposed 18 quintillion planets to explore. Post-release, No Man’s Sky has suffered from critical feedback that continues to damage its success. While the scale and scope of the game was praised for short trips and basic sightseeing sessions, its combat, survival, inventory management and lack of multiplayer, was harshly criticised.


No Man's Sky 4-min

No Man’s Sky started strongly on Steam, pulling in more than 200,000 players-per-hour at launch, but has since dropped below 1000. With so many players abandoning ship, it is suspected that Valve will too drop the price for the game in the near future.

Hello Games has recently taken to Twitter, with one post linking to the patch notes for Update 1.09 and another to a blog post reiterating plans to add free DLC to the space exploration game. The studio is assuring fans that these future updates will continue to improve and expand on the current content. The developers of No Man’s Sky certainly appear to be doing some damage control, but it all hinges on how they respond to the feedback and what they now build into the game.