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Top 10 Highlights from EGX 2016

8. My Mom’s a Witch


You probably haven’t heard of this game – and truthfully, neither had we – but we’re glad we walked by and decided to take a look whilst perusing the Rezzed section. My Mom’s a Witch from developer Bigosaur is a multiplayer brawler heavily inspired by the likes of Castle Crashers, but with a roguelike twist. It’s not a walk in the park – in our fifteen minute demo we died a lot – but it’s a joy to play and after every death we were eager to jump straight back in. Perhaps its the gorgeous art style that kept us coming back for more – with beautiful hand-drawn cartoonlike graphics, My Mom’s a Witch is probably one of the nicest-looking roguelikes we’ve had the pleasure of.

It’s currently on Steam Greenlight (so take a look and give it a vote!) with a release slated for 2017.

7. Dishonored 2

Dishonored 2 3

As expected, following on from one of the most delicately woven stories and intricately detailed worlds of the previous generation, Dishonored 2 is shaping up to be every bit as enjoyable as its predecessor. The graphics were impressive, the art of the level and character design was inspired, as always, and the powers on offer for the demo were great. The snippet of gameplay available at EGX gave a little insight to a point, around four hours into the game, where one of the playable heroes must rescue a prisoner from the mansion of his captor. The mansion works like a Rubik’s Cube, with various levers manoeuvring the rooms into different configurations in front of our eyes; stairs appear from or disappear into the floor or ceiling, cabinets sink beneath the floor boards and walls fall both into and out of place. Each transformation was jaw-dropping, changing the level immensely with each pull of a lever.

This, we were promised, is just one of the new mechanics introduced in Dishonored 2 and this promise was enough to pin it pretty firmly on my radar.

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