Top 10 Tips For Getting Ahead in Forza Horizon 3

3. Unlock the Ariel Nomad as soon as possible

2016 Ariel Nomad

The Ariel Nomad is an off-road buggy. It may not be as fancy to look at as your Lamborghini Aventador, but boy, is it fun to drive. You’ll get an option fairly early on to receive the car as a freebie (or you can purchase it beforehand). We highly recommend getting the Nomad as soon as possible; it handles off road terrain at fast speeds better than anything else we tried so gives you the perfect chance to reap some great skill combos.


4. Ruin a farmer’s crop for an epic skill chain


There are plenty of corn and crop fields dotted throughout the more rural areas of Forza Horizon 3 that can be used to get some ludicrously high skill point chains. Plow through them like a mentalist – and throw in a few drifts as you go – to see that skill chain soar. Luckily, there are no farmers around to get pissed at you for destroying their livelihood.