Dark Souls 3 New DLC Gets PvP Focused Trailer

On October 25th, Dark Souls III will spread its wings and expand with the Ashes of Ariandel DLC. The DLC promises new areas, weapons, bosses and (FINALLY!) a PvP arena. FromSoftware has dropped a trailer, focusing on the PvP arena itself.

Dark Souls III players are about to have a lot more to do in a few weeks. For a large portion of the community, PvP is what drives them to Dark Souls, outside of the constant bickering of which game does it better/worse. Well, Ashes of Ariandel, the first planned DLC, is going to alleviate some problems PvP players might have with the introduction of an arena. Being a huge fan of the PvP arenas in Dark Souls II myself, I’m very excited to dive into this. Of course, I’m not any less excited to explore new areas and fight new AI enemies/bosses either!

The trailer below (from the Fextralife YouTube channel) focuses on the arena, without giving too much away – as is classic From Software shenanigans. The arena looks to be fairly large, outside, and allows for 3v3 combat which is going to create some insane moments for players. There doesn’t seem to be any inclination on multiple arenas, but that can change. What does seem to be there is a space big enough for six players. Also, it seems covenant allegiance will play a role, most likely pairing covenant players with each other and against their rival covenants. This is all extremely exciting for us Dark Souls III fans. Can’t wait to see how this DLC turns out, PvP and all.