PS4 titles receiving 4K support through updates – even if you don’t want it

The Playstation 4 Pro releases next month and, as we all know, will feature 4K support for various games and applications. Numerous updates have started rolling out over the past few days to add 4K support and functionality to existing games and apps.

The Elder Scrolls: Online, SMITE, Shadow of Mordor and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided are just some of the titles so far which have already received updates. Applications such as Youtube are also implementing support for 4K videos through an update.

Some users are however angry that these updates are a required download – just like any other – to play the game. While some of the updates just add upscaling support some, such as Hi-Rez’s SMITE, include the full Native 4K textures in the download package. Forcing players – who may never buy a 4K TV and a PS4 Pro – to download 9GB of worthless textures.


Many users are already angry at the current generation of consoles due to their small HDD size – and the apparent large size of games and updates.