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The PS4 is getting Third-Party Pro Controllers

Are you unsatisfied with the PS4 controller? Do you wish it had more buttons, or that it was more like an Xbox One pad? Good news, because there are two new options coming your way.

Sony announced, via their PlayStation Blog, two third-party controllers for the “pro gamers” out there. Razer’s Raiju has two extra bumpers, two detachable triggers, a control panel on the bottom, and 2 profiles for quick adjustments. It looks like a wider jagged current PS4 controller. The other pad, Nacon Revolution Pro, has the sticks and D-Pad configured like the Xbox controllers. It also boasts four shortcut buttons along with four custom profiles and an eight way D-Pad.

There are no release dates for either controller, or price, but further details can be found on Nacon’s and Razer’s sites for a better grasp of what each controller looks like.

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