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Sci-fi survival horror title Routine releases next March

Lunar Software’s long-awaited survival horror game, Routine, will release March 2017. The game has been in development for over three years and during its time, been compared to other titles such as SOMA and Alien: Isolation.

We will however finally get to see what makes Routine its own thing and just how much it can scare the pants off you. The release date reveal trailer down below, while short, succeeds at doing just that as the protagonist is attacked by some form of robot terrorising an abandoned moon base. Lunar Software say that the game’s style is based off of the 80’s vision of the future – similar to this year’s Event [0].

Routine does however attempt to spin-up the genre of survival horror and exploration games. The entire base is open to you immediately and its up to you to decide how and where to explore to discover just what happened to its missing residents. With something hunting you, no HUD and a permadeath feature it is up to you to hide, run and survive – and attempt to discover one of Routine’s multiple endings.

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