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Top 10 PlayStation VR Launch Titles

So, after a long wait, PlayStation VR is finally upon us. For most of us, it’s the cheapest and easiest way to access VR – ans so far, it’s gone down a storm.

PSVR launched with a pretty hefty line-up of great titles, but we’ve picked out 10 of the best that we think will give you the best impression of your descent into a world of virtual reality. Behold, our Top 10 PlayStation VR launch titles…

10. Tumble VR


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Who’d have thought stacking a tower of blocks would be a task worthy of virtual reality, but somehow it really works. Tumble VR takes you through a series of levels with set tasks, whether it be building the tallest tower you can, placing as many blocks on a podium as will balance, or placing mines to destroy a tower as best you can. Stacking tall towers really does get nerve-wracking as they begin to wobble, and a rather humorous narrator keeps the whole experience light-hearted and enjoyable.

9. “Kitchen” Demo


Okay, so it’s not a “game” as such, and it’s only about five minutes long, but Kitchen is currently the scariest experience available on PSVR by far. Best of all, it’s free for anyone to download. Strapped to a chair, you can’t do anything except move your (tied and bound) arms up and down. So there’s nothing to do except sit back, watch your new acquaintance get brutally murdered by a freaky woman, and patiently wait for your turn. Beautiful.

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