10 Sonic The Hedgehog Games That Define The Last 25 Years

2. Sonic Generations

Sonic Generations brought together the 2D Sonic gameplay elements that nostalgic fans remembered and loved, alongside modern Sonic that had come to be. Despite modern Sonic having his ups-and-downs, he eventually found a formula that worked quite well as a sort of 3D rollercoaster with branching paths, which is what ultimately made its way into Sonic Generations. Both being nostalgic and looking to the future, Sonic Generations is the strong modern-day Sonic experience that all fans of all tastes have come to accept and love. This title was sorely needed after modern Sonic’s shaky back catalogue.

1. Sonic Adventure 2


Taking the wonky controls of Sonic Adventure and fixing most of the issues players had with it, Sonic Adventure 2 was finally the Sonic Adventure game we deserved. Sonic Adventure was a step into the unknown; how would a 2D side-scrolling Sonic transfer into a 3D game? With that initial blind step taken as a learning curve, Sonic Adventure 2 is where characters, story, and world truly come alive. Sure, it still has its hilarious moments and embarrassing dialogue, but nothing that spoils what was a great 3D Sonic experience. Even now, Sonic Adventure 2 is packed with memorable stages, and a great soundtrack that capture the essence of what the Sonic franchise truly is.

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