Wait, Was That Skyrim On Nintendo Switch?

Snakes Skyrim on a plane

It’s happened. The Nintendo NX has been revealed after an agonising silence from Nintendo. Through the means of a three-minute trailer, their long-awaited next console has been unveiled. The Nintendo Switch.

No firm details about specification, hardware or peripheral bundles have been announced, but from the trailer it’s clear that the console is a hybrid mobile and home gaming device, with multiplayer being a key focus.

Amidst glimpses of Nintendo’s leading IPs – including Breath of the Wild and Splatoon – one particular game clip caught my eye. Was that…? It can’t be. No way. Yes, that certainly looked like The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. Being played on a Nintendo console.

At 01:07 in the trailer, a dude is very clearly setting himself up on a flight with a bit of Skyrim for company. He then goes home, plugs his Switch back into his TV and carries on playing Skyrim. Or at least something that looks far too much like Skyrim to be anything else.

Third party support is an area that has held back Nintendo in the past, specifically the Wii U. The unique architecture of their hardware has meant that it’s not been worth the time (or money) for third party developers to release their games on Nintendo platforms. However, does this glimpse of Skyrim means that the Switch is based on an infrastructure similar to the current generation of consoles?

Should Nintendo manage to get third party developers on board with Nintendo Switch, it may mean their outlook be an entirely different story from the Wii U.

We’ll have more information and opinions incoming on the Switch soon. Until then, here’s the trailer – if you somehow missed it.