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watch dogs 2

YouTubers show us a “Hacking Good Time” with Watch Dogs 2

Some lucky YouTubers got the chance to test out the new Watch Dogs 2 in all its glory and their reactions and personal experiences are showcased in Ubisoft’s latest trailer for the hacking-sim.

The trailer shows the amount of fun to be had in the open world, including dancing atop of cars, experimenting with fashion choices, dancing with guys dressed as lobsters and causing chaos and destruction with your hacking abilities.

It’s a well struck move by Ubisoft, to use people rather than actors to advertise their new title. It feels authentic and unscripted, more along the lines of what real players will be doing when they have the game. And most importantly, it does a great job of showing us a “Hacking Good Time”.

Well played Ubisoft. You have my attention.

See you in San Francisco.

Watch Dogs 2 arrives November 15th and will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.


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