Whilst the term “point and click” might not be synonymous with console gaming – I mean, you can’t literally point and click unless you have a mouse, right? – that doesn’t mean there isn’t an abundance of the popular adventure genre to be found on Xbox One and PS4. In fact, the point and click adventure genre has seen a bit of a resurgence of late.

Companies like Telltale Games have taken the point and click adventure genre and focused heavily on the storytelling aspects that these games have always been popular for, but the puzzle elements have been all but washed away. The newly arisen “walking simulator” also draws many similarities to the classic point and click genre, but again, it’s the reliance on puzzle solving and logical thinking that sets true point and click games apart.

There are many to choose from, but we’ve chosen 10 of the best “classic” point and click adventures that are available on console. Happy puzzling!

10. Goosebumps: The Game

Easy Platinum - Goosebumps-min

Goosebumps: The Game isn’t the most refined game on this list – or even at all, frankly. But it has a certain charm and there’s no denying its roots to the earliest of the classic point and click games; the text-based dialogues, simple graphics and options of “examine” or “use” hark back to the classic days of Monkey Island et al.

Goosebumps is aimed at younger players, so the puzzles aren’t ever too complicated – but there’s still a few doozies in there to get your head around (I hate to admit I had to consult a guide on the internet on more than one occasion). It only takes a couple of hours to complete, but it’s well worth a visit for any point and click fan. Even better if you grew up reading Goosebumps books and can get a kick out of the hammy horror references.

$Goosebumps: The Game

9. Armikrog

Armikrog 2

Released last year on PC and ported to consoles this summer, Armikrog is a pure point and click dream. It’s one for only the most ardent of puzzle solvers though; the lack of direction coupled with the obscure brainteasers means you’ll likely spend more time scratching your head than you will actually playing it.

Once you know what you’re doing Armikrog will last you a few hours, and is a delightful experience thanks to its charming stop-motion animation style, quirky characters and all-round engaging atmosphere. Just prepare to ask Google on many occasions what on earth do I do here


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  • Lee Henderson

    Broken Age is beautiful. I have it on my iPhone and treated it like any other book i would read while trekking to and from work on the bus. Double Fine are gloriously bizarre.
    The only other one i’m interested in is Sherlock Holmes; The Devil’s Daughter, which will need to come down in price a bit until i purchase on the Xbox One.

    • Kim

      If you enjoyed Broken Age, you really need to check out Book of Unwritten Tales. I can’t stress enough how perfect of a classic P&C that is!

      • Lee Henderson

        I did see The Book of Unwritten Tales a while ago and thought it looked good. But i think £24 is a little steep for a Point and Click and you can only get BUT 2 on Xbox, am i missing out not playing the first one.

        • Kim

          Oh, no, certainly not. The first game is only available on PC, and I didn’t play it myself. Granted you may have a deeper understanding of the characters and the worlds if you played both, but it certainly doesn’t stop you enjoying it and understanding what’s going on. There’s a LOT of game – a good 20-25 hours worth of story, so £24 seems a very fair price to me! It’s packed with humour and great voice acting too.

          • Lee Henderson

            You’ve sold me. I’ve watched a few videos and it looks enchanting. That’s probably not a word most gamers would be left enthralled by, but i love a good world you can fall into on its own merits; far too many “realistic graphics” for my liking lately.

          • Kim

            Hurrah! I hope you enjoy it – I’m sure you will 🙂