10 Skyrim Tips for Noobs

3. Remember to save frequently


Whilst your adventures across Skyrim are autosaved upon entering a new location, remember to make manual saves every once in a while and use the quicksave feature frequently. You never know just what might happen when you’re out in the open world. Coming face to face with a woolly mammoth may seem cool, but when it loses its rag and kills you in a split second, you’ll be cursing when you find out you haven’t saved for nearly an hour!


4. Adjust difficulty accordingly


As good as Skyrim is, it isn’t perfect. Melee builds tend to have it much harder than those specialising in archery or magic, and sometimes you’ll make an enemy of something or someone that’s much stronger than your average foe. Don’t feel like you need to struggle through on the default difficulty – it can be changed at any time in the options menu. If you like a challenge, then by all means go for it. Even make it harder if you want to. But if you’re more the type of person who just wants to enjoy the adventure, destroying everything in your path like a truly powerful Dragonborn, then don’t be ashamed to turn it down a notch or two. Nobody’s going to judge you!