10 Skyrim Tips for Noobs

5. Save skill points until you know how you want to play


The skill points obtained when levelling up are limited, so it only makes sense to want to make the best use of them. Until you’ve got a feel for the game you’re likely to not be in a position where you can make an effective choice, so save them up. Find out if your calling in life is to be a mace and shield-wielding blacksmith or a robed conjurer of the destructive arts before spending your points and regretting it for the rest of your playthrough. Saying that however, you do get the opportunity to respec your character once you’ve completed the Dragonborn DLC, but it comes at a great cost…

6. Be selective about loot



As tempting as it is to loot everything you possibly can, especially at the beginning of the game when you have little wealth, remember that everything has a weight. The more items you’ve got on you, the more burdened you’re going to be, so make sure that you only take loot that is worth carrying. Using a value to weight ratio is a handy rule of thumb. For example, if an item is worth 50 times its weight, then it’s probably worth your time to lug it around. Find the right value to weight ratio that works for you, although you’ll probably find that you’re instinctively more selective over time anyway.