10 Skyrim Tips for Noobs

7. Get on the property ladder


Luckily, being a home owner in Skyrim is a hell of a lot easier than in real life: there’s no conveyancers or mortgage brokers in sight, and once you’re in there are no bills to pay or pots to wash! Buying a house as soon as possible can pay dividends: your own home is the only place you can safely store items, and that’s something you’re definitely going to want to do. As anyone that’s slain a dragon will know, their bones and scales weigh a tonne, and you never know, one day they may come in extremely useful…


8. Be careful – followers can die!


You obtain your first follower quite early in the game, and they quickly prove to be a useful combat assistant and carrier of excess baggage. Whilst they may seem immortal, picking themselves back up after being bested in battle on a large number of occasions, trust me, they can die. I found out the hard way, being both saddened by the loss of my travel companion and mildly inconvenienced having to carry all the items I’d loaded them up with. Oh well, you live and you learn.