10 Skyrim Tips for Noobs

9. Boost your skills with trainers


It may feel like cheating, but be sure to locate trainers that can advance your primary skills by imparting their knowledge. It may cost a fair bit of gold but it’s sure to speed up your progress, and in some cases you can even pickpocket your tutor to get your fees back. There’s some twisted irony in using a pickpocketing trainer’s hard work to reacquire your coin. At least it demonstrates he did his job well though!


10. Always carry a capacity boosting potion


It happens to all of us: you’re looting your way through a dungeon, pockets bursting at the seams with all manner of invaluable goodies, when you come across an item so impressive that you simply must have it. The trouble is, it is huge. You deliberate, pondering which items you could forfeit in exchange, but you really don’t want to leave anything behind. There is, however, an easy solution: always carry a potion or two that increases your weight capacity. Simply drink up, load up, and head out of that dungeon as soon as possible, fast travelling back to your house or favourite merchant to offload your haul. You may have to walk at a snail’s pace for a short distance upon reaching your destination, but its worth it.

* * *

So there we go, 10 tips for Skyrim noobs that are sure to make their adventures a little easier and hopefully a great deal more enjoyable. Do you have any more helpful advice for those new to Skyrim? Share your knowledge in the comments below!