Abandon Ship is an FTL-like pirate game

Over the years since FTL: Faster Than Light released in 2012 many, many indie games have tried to capitalise on it’s style. Along comes another challenger, Abandon Ship, where you control a pirate captain, his ship and his crew in a procedurally-generated world.

Of course, Fireblade Software haven’t just been inspired by FTL, they also list Sunless Sea and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag amongst inspirations. The art-style itself – which can be seen in the trailer below – has been influenced by classical naval oil paintings.

Abandon Ship also has sandbox/roguelike influences where death is permanent – but only if you, the captain, dies. If you see your ship is about to go down you can “Abandon Ship” and save yourself, leaving your crew to their fate – it’s a pirate’s life after all.

Releasing exclusively for PC sometime in 2017, Abandon Ship hopes to bring some glory to the rather deflated pirate genre.