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The Andromeda Initiative: Mass Effect news coming next week

As any good Mass Effect fan will know; November 7 is an important date, otherwise known as N7 Day (see if you can guess why). And as many fans had anticipated, we are going to be receiving a large batch of information on the upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda.

A short one-minute trailer below asks fans to sign-up to “The Andromeda Initiative” – a meta-like tie-in to one of the major events Mass Effect: Andromeda is based around. It may be that those who sign up will receive something extra or early or it may just be a glorified newsletter. Either way, fans may want to think about signing up.

Whatever the case, we can expect a true reveal for the upcoming Bioware title November 7. We have previously seen a couple trailers for the game – namely at E3 and the Playstation Conference – but both were considered lacklustre by fans, not showing off too much. Mass Effect: Andromeda has also been the casualty of numerous delays – now releasing early 2017.

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