Candle is an Adventure Game Made Entirely With Watercolour

If you’re looking for something new to play that’s not Tyranny or Dishonored 2 but still has beautiful art-style, Candle might be right up your alley.

Developed by Teku Studios, Candle follows a young novice as he sets off on a journey to rescue his tribe’s shaman.

Its obvious distinguishing feature is the visuals. The entire game is made up of wonderful hand-painted watercolour images, as the developer describes it: “the game consistently feels like a moving painting.” The visuals and story are themed around various ancient Southern American cultures.


The game itself is a side-scrolling adventure game and relies on puzzles and platforming to get by. Some unique-looking puzzles can be seen in the trailer below along with the use of the titular candle.

The title is being published by Daedalic Entertainment, developers of the Deponia series and publishers of games such as Torchlight 2, Machinarium and Munin.

Candle is available now on GOG & Steam.