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Here’s All of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s Famous Faces

It seems that more and more celebrities are wanting to get in on video games these days. Once a niche and somewhat looked down-upon medium, the video game industry is booming and it’s now commonplace for famous names to put their faces to video games.

The upcoming Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is in fact teeming with celebrities eager to get their place in digital stardom. Kit Harington – Jon Snow in Game of Thrones – has been leading the limelight in trailers and promotional material, but he’s far from alone. Here’s some of the most familiar faces you’ll spot (in alphabetical order, because, you know, OCD and stuff) as you play Infinite Warfare this weekend…

Seth Green


Seth Green, of Austin PowersBuffy the Vampire Slayer and Family Guy fame – along with masses of other things – takes up a role in the Zombies mode. He’s voicing “Poindexter”, the token nerd and is sure to provide many of the comedic moments throughout the Zombies in Space campaign.

David Harewood


Harewood may not quite be the household name, but he’s certainly a face you’ll recognise with an impressive list of credits including The Night Manager, Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest film GrimsbyHomeland and The Vice. Like any respectable British actor, he’s also had his place in Casualty and The Bill, because, let’s face it, you’re nobody unless you’ve been in Casualty or The Bill. In Infinite Warfare David Harewood takes on the role of Sergeant Omar, commander of the Marines aboard the Retribution.

Kit Harington


Worlds apart from the everyman goody-goody Jon Snow in HBO’s epic Game of Thrones, Kit’s getting a chance to show off his nasty side by playing main villain Salen Kotch. He’s the commander of the SetDef insurgent fleet, and uh, you’ll probably have to fight against him and stuff.

David Hasselhoff


Oh yes, none other than the Hoff is starring in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare! A man who needs no introduction, Hoff’s up alongside Seth Green in the Zombies mode, playing character DJ, who’s something of an icon. Going by the innate likeness, we can’t help but think that DJ may just be slightly based on David Hasselhoff himself.

Paul Reubens


None other than Pee-Wee Herman himself, Paul Reubens joins Seth Green and The Hoff in Zombies in Spaceland. Reubens voices Willard Wyler, a has-been master of horror.

Peter Weller


Playing Charlie Barosky in Sons of Anarchy and Stan Liddy in Dexter along with an impressive list of credentials going back to the ’70s, Peter’s a face that we can’t help but recognise. He’s taking up the role of Caleb Thies in Infinite Warfare, an enemy admiral aboard the SDS Icarius.

Other notable actors

Robert Baker (Grey’s Anatomy), Brian Bloom (Avengers Assemble), Craig Fairbrass (EastEnders, The Hooligan Factory), Jamie Gray Hyder (True Blood), Eric Ladin (Big LoveBoardwalk Empire), Conor McGregor (UFC featherweight champion), Jeffrey Nordling (Desperate Housewives, 24), Sasheer Zamata (Saturday Night Live).

See the full cast list on IMDB.

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