Jeff Kaplan Talks About Symmetra Redesign

In a new developer update for Overwatch Jeff Kaplan talks about Symmetra’s redesign – something the character has really needed.

Blizzard have spoken about changes to Symmetra before with a mention at Blizzcon; now Jeff Kaplan explains the changes coming to Symmetra soon on the Overwatch PTR.


Kaplan mentions how Symmetra will essentially have two ultimate abilities – her teleporter and a shield generator. The shield generator shields all of her teammates “more than her old shield… in a very big radius and ignores line of sight.” Symmetra’s ‘E’ ability, which granted shields with only 25 extra health points, is now replaced with a Photon Barrier – it’s a bit like Reinhardt’s or Winston’s shield, except it’s “projected on a track of movement”

Her turrets will stay at a maximum of six, but in the start of a match you could only place three before you’d have to wait on a cooldown to place another one; a change will allow players to put six down at the start of a match before any cooldown. That, coupled with some tweaks, makes it a lot easier to setup with Symmetra at the start of a match and throughout. Her primary fire also has a very small increase on distance.

I am looking forward to trying her out with the changes; I’ve never been a huge fan of Symmetra for the reasons Kaplan explains in the video.

Jeff Kaplan also comments on upcoming map Oasis and talks about an upcoming feature that allows players to stay together with a team they’ve done well with by putting them into a party.