The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will not be part of the launch line-up for The Switch

After winning multiple awards at last year’s E3, the new Zelda game, Breath of the Wild, has been a hotly anticipated release. However, fans awaiting its launch and the launch of the Nintendo Switch will be disappointed to know that the game will not release when Nintendo’s new console does.

In a recent report (although based on unconfirmed rumours, it looks to be legit)  it seems that Breath of the Wild will miss the launch date of Nintendo Switch in March 2017 and will instead not be released for the console for a good 4-5 months after its launch.

The report states that localisation and testing will be long processes for the game will stretch out the timeframe of release until the latter part of 2017, which will disappoint some fans. Especially after the game received such a large showcase at E3 earlier in the year.


Although the game will not be relased for Switch – which has recently been rumoured to be as little as £199 at launch – fans can rejoice in the fact that the game will likely make its debut on the Wii U before that, in March 2017.

Alternatively, another theory is that the Nintendo Switch could potentially undergo a delay until late 2017 making Breath of the Wild a launch title for the machine after all.

We’ll know more about the console in January when Nintendo have set plans to release more information about it than we already know. Most likely: price points, games line-up and a demonstration on how the console works.