Nintendo Switch Rumoured to be £199 at Launch

Ever since Nintendo very excitedly announced the launch of their new hardware – the Nintendo Switch – there has been an ongoing discussion regarding its price. If a recent rumour is anything to go by, fans will not be disappointed by a high price tag.

In a recent report, certain information points to that UK retailer GAME will price the console at £199 for the standard base package and £249 for a games bundle.  This would be a fairly decent amount, considering that it would come in at around £150 cheaper than the recent PS4 Pro, the only comparably “new” hardware that the Switch will compete with.

Nintendo do not set the RRP of console releases in the UK themselves so it’s unknown as to where GAME have received their information from. It is apparently reputable sources, however.


The new Nintendo console has been anticipated for while now. The console, originally titled NX, will be a home/mobile hybrid and seems to promote the idea of putting the power in the hands of the player as to when and where they want to game Nintendo style.

A lower price for the machine makes perfect sense too. The game will have to compete with Microsoft and Sony and their respective current-gen machines which are considerably more powerful. Although the Nintendo Switch will be powered by technology by Nvidia, it will still not be able to match the graphical fidelity and performance of its competitors.

These prices are, as stated above, only rumours and are based un unconfirmed reports. We will know more about pricing next year at the end of January when Nintendo are set to release more information about their new hardware. If anything though, it makes next-gen gaming – especially next year – very interesting indeed.