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Remedy Entertainment Release a Teaser for New Game

Remedy Entertainment have just released a new teaser trailer for an upcoming announcement of a new game. No, it doesn’t make much sense but that’s exactly what the Finnish studio are good at.

The teaser, entitled “The Greatest Trailer of All Time”, is only 20 seconds long and features Creative Director Sam Lake saying his name – yeah. If we’re being honest, it’s better to just wait for the trailer itself but this makes for some fun speculation. Remedy Entertainment are widely known for developing the original Max Payne games along with Alan Wake. They also recently released Quantum Break this year, a flawed, if enjoyable shooter/TV-show thing.

We know there is little chance of it being a Quantum Break sequel so soon, even with the ending, as Remedy have stated they aren’t working with Microsoft- who own the series IP. Max Payne is more than likely out the window as Rockstar Games have owned the IP since 2002 and has been an in-studio development since.

Which leaves Alan Wake. The original did receive a pseudo-sequel in 2012 with Alan Wake’s American Nightmare but wasn’t as well received and served as more of a spin-off.

All roads lead to Rome and all signs point to Alan Wake – although it could be an entirely new IP. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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