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How to Solve the Jindosh Riddle in Dishonored 2

During Dishonored 2‘s sixth mission in the Dust District, you’ll encounter a strange puzzle called the ‘Jindosh Riddle’. It’s optional – you don’t need to solve it as it just unlocks a shortcut – but if you’re an achievement hunter or completionist, you’ll likely want to.

Now, the Jindosh Riddle is a tough cookie to get your teeth into. Luckily, as a long-time logic puzzle fan, I couldn’t wait to get my head around it. Unless you’re some kind of superhuman, you’ll likely need a pen and paper to solve this one. Using a logic grid is certainly the easiest way to solve it. Thankfully, there’s a great little website that we found allowing us to create our own grid.

If you’re not familiar with the logic grid, it basically allows you to confirm or deny relations between any two categories. For instance, in the Jindosh Riddle, we know that the person in red is also drinking wine, so we can tick off the box that aligns these two facts.

Slowly working through and aligning every fact that the Jindosh Riddle tells us will eventually reveal only the correct facts.

We’d encourage you to solve it yourself, and if you want to use the logic grid method, here’s one we’ve already filled out with the categories ready for you to go:

Click here to fill in the Jindosh Riddle logic grid

Note: numbers 1–5 represent positions on the table, with “1” being the far left.

However, if you can’t be bothered to work it out yourself, we’ve got you covered. (Cheater, cheater!) Click here to see the solution.

The key pieces of information you need are the position that each lady was sat in, and which valuable object they held. The other facts are just there to help you ascertain the important parts.

Happy solving!

Update: turns out that the riddle may be different in every playthrough, so our solution may not be the same as yours. The logic grid is still the best way to work out the solution though, and will work for you regardless of whether your riddle was the same as ours or not.

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