Tavern Keeper is the new game from the Game Dev Tycoon creators

Only a few days ago Greenheart Games promised they would be announcing their new title “next week”. Now, two days later, the team have formally revealed Tavern Keeper. A simulation management game where you take the role of, you guessed it, a tavern keeper in a high-fantasy world.

The only hiccup? Greenheart Games are aiming for a possible beta release in 2018. So don’t expect Tavern Keeper anytime soon. However Daniel Klug, co-founder of the studio, reassures saying: “Tavern Keeper is a much more ambitious project than Game Dev Tycoon.” In fact, in its current state the game is already three times larger than the company’s previous game.

While also making a simulation game with depth and complexity, the team wanted to create a game that had style and humour. Unlike your usual games from the genre, your patrons will be everything from humans to orcs to “things we haven’t even named yet.” Tavern Keeper will require you to somehow keep manage of food, drink, staff, supply, stocks, reputation and production all the while mingling and gathering information from your guests.