Top 10 Final Fantasy Games

2. Final Fantasy VII


Regardless of whether you are in the ‘Final Fantasy VI is best’ group, or you think Final Fantasy XII is the unsung hero of the franchise, Final Fantasy VII is the reason the series exploded into popularity the way it did. I might have never heard of Final Fantasy if it wasn’t for VII. It got everything right, and is easily one of the strongest Final Fantasy titles, even when considered separately from its timely release which helped expose the Western markets to the genre, or from the fact that it was the first 3D Final Fantasy title. This is the one that has stood the test of time, through countless re-releases, movies, and spinoffs, and has the greatest collection of extra materials and merchandise surrounding the world and lore of the game. Final Fantasy VII is considered to be the most iconic game of the franchise, and comes second only to…


1. Final Fantasy VI


Final Fantasy VI. Before I get trampled by herds of Final Fantasy VII fans, hear me out. Remembering my favourite is Final Fantasy VIII, and considering the fact that I acknowledge Final Fantasy VII‘s importance in the industry, I still believe Final Fantasy VI is the best. Some games from the series will be considered #1 for the time they were released, or maybe you account for other factors like how much it did different, whether simply polished or introduced as completely new. To choose a number one title from a franchise such as Final Fantasy is perhaps a fool’s errand, but all things considered, I still say it has to be this one. Final Fantasy VI is that weird title that sits in the middle. It’s unusual to have someone as equally passionate about the first five games as they are about Final Fantasy VII onwards, and vice-versa, because the tone is so different – but Final Fantasy VI is a perfect mixture of both categories. It’s recognisable, but utterly iconic and unique, and despite its age it’s still very playable by today’s standards.

What are your favourite Final Fantasy titles? And how do you think XV will stack up against all of those that came before it? Let us know by commenting below!