Total War: Warhammer’s new faction is the Wood Elves

In today’s news, Total War: Warhammer’s next DLC will be introducing the Wood Elves. In old news, no, the game is still not known as Total Warhammer – a shame really.

Coming December 8, “Realm of the Wood Elves”, introduces the new playable race alongside their own mini-campaign. Fans of Total War: Warhammer should know what to expect with the DLC as it will be much like Call of the Beastmen – just with less beasts and more trees. And fans of Warhammer itself should know what to expect with the Wood Elves themselves.

The immediate differentiating factor is the Wood Elves’ prowess for ranged battle. While most of the army’s units are incredibly weak in melee combat, they have many advantages over their opponents at distance. New features include units which can move and shoot as well as groups who can shoot while staying hidden.


A full look at some of the new characters to look out for can be seen in the trailer below.