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How to Have Twins in Sims 4

For some reason, everyone is obsessed with twins, not least in The Sims. Since the first game came out some 15 years ago, there’s been plenty of rumours and “old wive’s tales” as to increase your chance of your Sim having multiple pregnancies. Whether or not any of these have ever been true, the developers have made it easier than ever to land a set of twins – or even triplets – in Sims 4.

The Sims 4 introduces “satisfaction points” to the game – by doing certain actions that your Sims want to do, you’ll be rewarded with points boost. These points add up to buy either instant or permanent perks for your Sims.

One of these perks is “fertility”, available from the rewards store. This perk increases the likelihood of your sim having a pregnancy with twins – or even triplets.

The downside is that the perk costs 3,000 satisfaction points to purchase, which will take a bit of saving up to do. Completing your Sim’s wants and desires will soon wrack them up, however, and most Sim’s requests are fairly straightforward tasks. Pursuing their aspiration will build up these points faster: the current aspiration targets are available to view in the “aspiration” tab, so keep an eye on it and be sure to set your Sim working on these whenever you can, as completing just one goal will likely net around 500 points.

If you do buy the fertility boost though – it’s at your own risk. Sim babies are pains in the asses, so if you want two or three to care for at the same time… good luck to you, soldier.

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