Vivendi now owns 24% of Ubisoft shares

As you may have been aware, Ubisoft are currently under threat from a hostile takeover from French media conglomerate Vivendi. Vivendi, whose latest figures had them set at 22.8%, now own over 24% of the gaming company’s shares along with 21% of voting rights.

Back in June, Vivendi successfully took over developer and publisher Gameloft which was owned by Michal Guillemont, brother of Ubisoft boss, Yves Guillemont. During the acquisition, Vivendi spoke out on its buying up of Ubisoft shares, “considering continuing to acquire” as well as being interested on a seat on the Ubisoft board.

Still no Vivendi members are present on the board after failing to nominate any candidates during an opening in September. During this time, Vivendi also abstained on voting on resolutions to do with employee stocks and grants – causing it to fail. The resolution would have increased compensation for Ubisoft staff.

Ubisoft and its boss are continuing to fight the ongoing threat but Vivendi looks to show no signs of slowing down. With more time, Vivendi will gain a larger share and more voting possibilities in the company. A hostile takeover bid is automatically launched when the company reaches 40%.