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The Wild Eight is bringing co-op survival to Alaska

The Wild Eight is developed by indie studio Eight Points. Hailing from the Alaskan Wilderness – which they call the “coldest place of Earth” – the team wanted to develop a game that shared part of their own life experience surviving in this hostile enviroment.

While The Wild Eight does have a single-player mode, the game focuses on co-operative survival with friends. There is all the usual things you’d expect, meters for food, drink and temperature as well as an in-depth crafting system. But Eight Points don’t just want it to be another generic survival game.

Although the world is procedurally generated, there is a mysterious story to piece together – as well as discovering more of the player characters backstories – in the various hidden facilities and building strewn across the wilderness. You can level up individual skills in the game, and certain characters are better at specific things than others, again forcing the need to play together.

The Wild Eight is set as “coming soon” but meanwhile you can check the gameplay trailer below for a more detailed look.

Ruaraidh - pronounced Roo-Ree - is a Scottish gamer with the name and games to prove it. He enjoys mostly everything, unless it involves exercise, and much prefers to run around inside a good, open-world RPG, being chased across the lands by a horde of monsters after his sweet loot. When he has made his escape, he will often return to the real world to continue playing anything with a good story - indie or otherwise.